email Approval


I am trying to rewrite a change email approval scenario using HP Connect-It in HP SM v9.41.

I have it working properly in HP Service Manager v9.20 using the legacy event connector.

I am using the event registeration 'Approval' and the eventmap 'approval' which is basically against the ApprovalLog table. (attached is the eventreg screenshot)

THe email whcih comes to the inbox contains below args in the email Body and subject contains the change request number.

a) Approval Group:
b) Approval Action:
c) Comments

In the scenario, I verify via script that the sender is actually a part of the approval group or not.
If the email sender is present in the change groups (cm3groups of 921) , it approves else it doesnt do anything.

Now the challenge which I am having is, in SMv9.41, there is no cm3groups it is myGroups and assignment table.

Would I be able to have an Approve action done from Approval Log table extaccess ?
If not, by using Approval table extaccess, would i be able to achieve the above functionality ?

Please guide.