HP SM v9.41 Hybrid mode


We are planning to upgrade from SM 9.32 to SM 9.40 . We are completely on Classic workflows, we have about 5 change management and 1 customized problem management workflow., Incident, SD and Config & SLM customized.

1 If we decide to go to Hybrid mode, Does all our 'classic' workflows will work in the same way as it is working in SMv9.32 ?

2 If not, which module will have the major impact / rework to be done ?

3 if no change from classic, does the workflows work 'As - Is' after we complete the conflict resolution during upgrade?

4 Incase if we decide to go to PD / Codeless mode, does all the existing classic workflows work 'as -is' ?

5 Are there any change in the support of legacy connectors (SCAuto,)

6 what is the available 'mechanism' for messaging in SM 9.40 other than third party products ?

Please guide.