HPSM 9.21 and HPSM 7.11: Assigment list not in Template

Hi All,

I can seem to get a list with assignemt groups when I create a template. The dropdownlist stays empty.
Any ideas of how to make the assignment list visible?

  • For the table for which you are creating the template (for an interaction template, the incidents table), access the Data Policy record for that table.
    In the data policy fields list, find the assignment field.
    In the Global list column, enter the name of the Global list you want to display in the template wizard.

    You may need to stop/start SM for the change to take effect, but I think that will solve the problem (not in an SM system at the moment, so I can't test)
  • John,

    Thanks for your fast reply.
    I've tested it, but unfortunate it doesn't seem to work.

    Do you any other suggestions?

  • Verified Answer

    This is a known issue. KNowledge article: KM823924

    QCCR1E49402 has been opened to address this defect.

    There are 2 potential workarounds, as follows:

    Change the "Value List" value on Format "template.editValue_globallist_1", as follows:
    Login as "falcon"
    Command = "fd"
    Form = "template.editValue_globallist_1"
    Select the Combo Box field
    Change the value of "Value List" in Properties from "$L.list" to "$L.display"
    OK ->OK
    Change the File Selection expressions in Wizard "template.editValue_globallist_1", as follows:
    Login as "falcon"
    Command = "wizards"
    Wizard Name = "template.editValue_globallist_1" ->Search
    Select the "File Selection" tab
    On the "Initial Expressions" tab, change the first 2 lines, as follows:
    $L.list=evaluate(parse($L.glistList, 2))
    $L.display=evaluate(parse($L.glistDisplay, 2))
    $L.list=evaluate(parse($L.glistList, 2));if $L.list then ($L.list=NULL)
    $L.display=evaluate(parse($L.glistDisplay, 2));if $L.display then ($L.display=NULL)

  • I have followed your instructions and I am still showing a blank list, is a restart required or should the list automatically become available?