Assigning a number to custom table record via Web service:


I have a custom table, which is getting populated via the HP Connect-It SM web services connector.
The unique key in the custom table is 'cu.number' (char field).

I have created the extaccess record for this table and

the action is 'add'
Label : create
Allowed action: Create Only

Under the expression tab, I have added the below condition , so I could assign the number when the record is created

$L.void=rtecall("getnumber", $L.rc, $, "cuIncoming")
cu.number in $L.file=$

But this is method is not working out. It giving me error code 71 "validation failed'.

Is there any other way to assign the number to the record. ?


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  • I think , I fixed the problem. I removed the expression completely from the extaccess record.

    I added an Object record for this custom table and specified all the things there. Master fc , Number file etc..

    Now, its able to successfully add the record into the table.