You may not approve for any of the pending approval groups


We are on the process of upgrade from SMv9.20 to SMv9.41 .

I am moving the scenarios from HP Connect-Itv9.53 to v9.60 in our upgrade development environment. I had developed an Change email approval scenario in v9.20 environment.

The destination connector is a legacy event connector using the approval eventregister . In this scenario, i have incorporated the rules to check if the sender is a part of the cm3groups which is included in the email body. If the sender is present, it approves , else it doesnt process the email.

Now, once we are in SMv9.41, i had modified this logic to look at assignment table's approvers array (screenshot attached) instead of cm3groups. Also I am making sure that, this assignment group is present in the MyGroups table of senders as well as the 'generic id' (user for HP SM login from connector).

The generic ID is added to the assignment groups approvers array as well as the entire old cm3groups records are added to the MyGroups of this generic HP SM login.

Now when I run the scenario to process an email, i am getting the below error.(attached)

I logged into HP SM client using the email sender ID as well as with HP SM generic ID. Searched for the change request and I am able to do the approval from gui using both the IDs.

Any guidance is very much appreciated.