Setting up windows client on SSL is similar to SSO ?


I am having a confusion in the setup of SSL and TSO in HP Service Manager. 

I have a requirement to setup HP SM to accept both SSL and Non SSL connections .  

I have enabled HP SM windows clients to work with the certificates and below are the set of parameters included in the sm.ini

keystorePass:<Service Manager server keystore password>
ssl_trustedClientsPwd:<trusted client keystore password>
truststorePass: <root CA keystore pass phrase>

I have setup the ssl parameter to be 0 , so as to accept both SSL and NOn SSL connections. 

trustedsignon parameter is turned on.

After completing this setup and making it work, I have a question whether is it really required to enabled TSO to actually have HP SM windows clients to communicate in TLS / SSL proptocols. 

Raised an HP Case and I was told to  configure LW SSO ( ?? am confused again ) . Told HP support that, I am trying to setup HP SM windows client on SSL not trying to authenticate while browsing from one application to another. But HP is sure to configure it in this way to achieve SSL setup ..

Confused and baffled.

Need guidance.