HP Service Manager - Survey link in email

Hi Experts,

We need configuration for "SM Survey link in ess.do" , which is sent in email to be opened with anonymous login and fill the Survey questionnaire. And Login page for entering credentials should not appear.

Please suggest.




  • Verified Answer

    Since HPSM requires credencials... you have some two options:

    1 - Enable Trusted Sign On, so users won't need to login at all. MAchine credentials will be used.

    2 - Do not use HPSM at all. 

    And last, more as an "hack" than an option is:

    3 - You can create/configure an interceptor in your webservers (ie. Tomcat) that catches the request, simulate the login with a existing "anonymous" and return the flow for normal execution which will be present the survey content. It's not default, it's not a recomendation and you won't get support from MF for this, but I already did something when working with an external authenticator provider...  If you decide to do this way and don't know how to do it, you can check with any Java Web developer at your organization.