SLA Email alert issue


We have configured SLA for incident in SM. As per the configuration when any incident raised with priority 3 then email should trigger to the mentioned recepiant in 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 Min.As per this configuration we have received emails but that was not on time. there is lots of dilay for receiving this SLA emails. We want to know the reasone of it. Can any one help me to troubleshoot of it. Earlier it was working fine.


We are having SCSMTP for email forworking .




  • what's your sm version?

    And you can also check the data in Alert table.  

    Is the Scheduled Alert Time is correct or not? if it is correct, that means you background schedulder lead to the delay, if the scheduler alert time is not correct, we need to figure out the root cuase.

    May you have defined calendar or working hours for sla.