Knowledge Managment requirnment in HPSM


In the Knowledge Managment we have on category "Disaster Recovery Docs' in that category there are multiple subcategory like as below.


So my requirnment is if CBS team uploades any document in " Knowledge Managment" it should not visible to other teams. If NGRTGS team upload document by selecting NGRTGS subcategory then only they can able to see the document no of else. Like this we have to do the configuration for multiple team.



  • Hi,

    Each category and sub category have its own permissions. So, you could create a KM group e.g. "CBS" and assign it to all the team members that can see "CBS" documents.

    An important point is that each group could have a different level of privilages depending on the category at that configuration is done under permissions tab of the categories as well.


  • KMCaqtegory security is from the top down so if the top category is "Disaster Recovery Docs" and it has the following subcategories CBS, NGRTGS, SFMSHELPDESK, SUPPORT then users assigned to 'Distaster Recovery Docs' will documents in all of it subcategories.

    To filter this so there is a one-to-one relationship you can do the following

    1. Create four KMGroups with the names: KMGroupCBS, KMGroupNGRTGS, KMGroupSFMDHELDESK and KMGroupSUPPORT
    2. Assign the appropriate users to the needed Groups
    3. In KMCategory assign KMGroupCBS to the CBS subcategory
    4. In KMCategory assign the KMGroupNGRTGS to the NGRTGS subcategory
    5. And so on with the remainder of the Groups
    6. When each KMGroup is assigned to the Subcategory you will also have the ability to assign the KMProfile being used. The profile assigned will determine what the users within these Groups assigned to that Subcategory can do with the documents they see (Edit, Edit in Place, Create Working Copy, Publish, etc). 

    The actual assignment of the KMGroup to the KMCategory will determine who see what documents. If a user belongs to two KMGroups (i.e. KMGroupCBS and KMGroupNGRTGS) then that user would see the documents in both of those subcategories. To maintain a 1:1 relationship then users should belong to specific KMGroups.

    If this helps please give a Kudo.

  • Dear Sir,

    The solution which you provided is not working.

    When user “A” uploads any KM document in "CBS" subcategory. That document user “B” is not need to view (Currently user "B" is able to see the document which user "A" has been uploaded.  We want to do configuration like, if User “A” uploads any document in "CBS" subcategory then only the  user "A" will able to see document when he search it. No other else.


    EMS Team



  • Anywhere within the KMCategory tree do you see the 'Default Knowledge View Group' assigned?

  • Dear Sir,

    we have check there is no default knowlg group is assinged, 

    how can we achive this, if possibale can we have webx session 

  • In order to schedule a WebEx you would need to open a ticket with the support team.