Want to set approver on the basis of lication field

Hi Team,

When any user raise any SD Request. It gets landed to our Service Desk team. And from Our service desk team it get assigned to respective technical team. While assigning this request to technical team our service desk team selects location filed in SD.Update fom. But after updating the ticker it is not going for approval at approver end.

But when we try to change the status of that ticket after some time the message occur that “This ticket is not approved so you cannot change the status".


Our requirement is that whenever any request assigned by location then it should go for approval to the exact approver.

Our SM Version is 9.30




  • Hi Rajiv,

    If you want to set approval based on location I assume that you tailored your location table to add this extra field "local approver" there.

    Having this, you need to also tailor your Approval Definition to get the Approval from location table. The simplest way is to create a JavaScript function that receives the location and returns the approval group and call this function from your Approval Definition.

    If you have few groups/locations/variations you may also prefer to add the conditions in the Approval Definition.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.