Universal Search cm3t question

For global list "Unisearch Types", I added cm3t and rootcause. After updating global list, I rebuilt list, logged off, then logged back into GUI. When I search using prefix PM, I receive results. When I attempt to search using prefix T, I get no results. Is anyone else having issues searching for change tasks from unisearch? Is there some other area I need to update to include ability to unisearch change tasks? Instructions from Micro Focus for "Search for a record by using quick search" are clear, but do not include cm3t (change tasks).

global list name: Unisearch Types

value list: {"incidents","cm3r","probsummary","request","cm3t","rootcause"}

display list: {"SD","C","IM","RF","T","PM"}

  • Verified Answer

    Issue Resolved.

    Apparently, the global list "Universal Search Customize List" had the following and prevented me from searching change tasks:

    value list: {"svcCartItem","cm3t"}

    display list: {"sci","T"}

    Solution: I removed the value "cm3t" and display "T". Saved global list, rebuilt global list, logged off then logged back on, and then attempted to search a change task. Change task displayed properly.


    SM 9.63 Platform

    SM9.63 Application