Adding an Approve / Deny action button on toolbar for Changes in an approval phase

Platform & Application are 9.63

Hello All,

I want to approve/deny a change from the change form toolbar without having to click and drill into the "Current Approvals" section.

I noticed 9.63 application upgrade included some OOB approval rulesets that can be used as an action for approving changes. The actions seem to work by calling the "ticket.approval" process. For example, RuleSet "ApprovalEnablement-Deny" has two rules; a javascript that displays vars.$L_action="deny" (which is used for the call process) and then a call process rule that calls the "ticket.approval" process. Adding the ruleset action on an approval phase works and displays the approval result within the approval log section of the change ticket, but if you have a defined approval name listed in the workflow phase "Approvals" tab, then the "Current Approvals" section still displays an approval status of "Pending".

Has anyone attempted to use the new rulesets for approving changes using a phase action button?

The OOB rulesets creates an ApprovalLog table entry for the change ticket, but the Approval table entry for the change ticket still displays "pending". What field within the Approval table can be used to clear the pending entry in order to mark it as complete? I wasnt able to locate any Micro Focus documents specifically about the listed rulesets.

OOB 9.63 RuleSets -

  • ApprovalEnablement-Approve
  • ApprovalEnablement-Deny
  • ApprovalEnablement-Init
  • ApprovalEnablement-Retract