Dashboard and Charts - Todo table

SM Version 9.63

I am taking advantage of the chart enhancements in 9.63 and would like to know if there is a way to create a ToDo chart that opens the corresponding table module form (similar on how ToDo views work)? In SM version 9.63, a calculation chart includes 10 lines for queries.  Also, there is now the capability to display counts on bar charts. I wanted to create a calculation chart for displaying required  manager actions. The drill down should open the correct ticket number form. Currently, creating a Todo table charts open the ToDo table form.

I know this question has been asked before and I can create separate charts for probsummary, cmr3, cm3t, imTask and display on dashboard, but I wanted to save some real-estate on the dashboard for other metric charts.

Thanks for any ideas!

  • Verified Answer


    Version 9.63 report enhancements includes the report chart ability to use Todo and drill into modules using the "Drill-down process" drop-down menu.

    1. When modifying a Todo report, click on the "Advanced settings" tab.

    2. Within the "Drill-down process" drop-down menu, select "To-Do Drill-down".

    3. Save report and test from preview tab.

    Drilling into a chart will display the Todo list, which will allow you to see ticket from its corresponding module.