Session Timeout When indexing documents.

Hi All
I am experinecing a problem when trying to index my knowledge management documents.I have tried to look at my sm.ini file (which I have attached)and I cannot solve this problem.

Can someone please help me.

I have previously posted a thread about me getting an error message when clicking on my search button in SM knowledge management(I have attached a snap shot of this too), before experiencing my current problem and have not gotten a response yet.And I am sure that these errors are probably related.Can anyone guide me into the right direction.

Please help
Thanking you in advance
Mpho Masemola
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    In regards to session timeout:

    a) how many documents are you indexing
    b) do you have index attachments turned on? If so turn it off and try again, wot happens now
    c) are you running this in prod or development? Is it a real server or virtual.
    d) who are you logged on as when you run it. (make sure user is in the timeout exclusion list and sit and watch it run.)
    e) the indexing engine will also have its own logs.
    f) what verison you running 7.01 in 7.1 it does it a bit differently, as a background process.

    My experience:

    I experienced index timeouts in a virtual DEV system, turning index attachments off helped. I turned them back on in prod as it is big server. I was indexing about 130K records at that time. A good tip is to sit and watch it run and move your mouse occassionly as well as having a falcon session on another screen so you can monitor. form memory it took abot 2hours for 130K records. It used to crash on about 30K when indexing with attahcments.


    peter (dont forget some points)
  • Hi an thanks peter

    My problem was not pointing to the correct knowledge search server name.

    By the way I am working on production:

    When doing a search I still get the following error message:

    'SCFile name kmhitlist is not a Service Manager file.' although I can view my documents. Does anyone know what could be causing this error message?

    Please help
    Mpho Masemola

  • Hi
    I managed to get some help the file was being referenced in the initial javascript in the submit search query process definition.

    One last question though ...does anyone have an idea as to why when indexing a document with jpg attachment images that it displays these images once. Then at a later stage when search the documents again that the images don't appear?

    Mpho Masemola
  • Hello, I have the same problem in Service Manager 7.11. : SCFile name kmhitlist is not a Service Manager file

    How did you fix the problem??