Tickets Opened on specific CI in change Management

Hi Experts,

How to create buttont on change form, so on selecting the Affected ci it will display the opned tickets on that ci. 

The same option is already available on the incident Mangment module to show how many tickets opened on that ci. 

I found that this is done through context wizard. i can't replicate the behaviour on the change management module. 

Appreciate your notes

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    Hi Mohamed,

    yes you can use $assets variable, as it adds the $ before the input field name of the field which you want to find the related opening changes for that CI.

    that $assets variable will be passed to wizards name "context start" in $L.file passed in which is the button you click ($active.field)

    Next wizards will be called is "context choose" and "wizard.context.choose.action" subform is displayed.

    This will require some tailoring...