Service Manager to DB Connection failure and demo data upload failure

I have an environment as below :

DB 2012 is in cluster and service manager 9.50 is in custer on VM with OS Microsoft 2012.

ODBC connectivity test is successful. 

When i run Configure.bat, test is successful.

But when i try to upload demo data i am getting the below error :


Inserts of dbdict record for dbdict file failed.
System load has failed. [00:00:00]
Application and sample data upload to the configured database failed.
Please check if the database is empty and the SQL user has rights to create tables,
check smconfig.log for additional detail.
Invoking shutipc...
Shutipc completed successfully.
License verification passed.
  • Sounds like you have access to the DB but your login to SM db may not have all the rights as suggested by the error. Check your login db rights.

    From the installation guide:

    The login must have CREATE/ALTER/DROP TABLE authority for the target database. The CREATE/ALTER/DROP TABLE authority is only required during installation and creation of new Service Manager tables, and only if you allow Service Manager to issue the DDL to create tables and indexes. When Service Manager connects to your database using the login ID, tables are created in the default table space defined for that login ID.
    You must grant the DB account of the "sqllogin" SM parameter the privilege to create Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions.

  • How about the detailed info at smconfig.log?

  • The error is straighforward: it is either a db user rights issue, as Jas1 mentioned, or the database is not empty.

    You can create a new empty DB and then, in the ODBC connection, replace the "master" DB with the DB you just created.