UCMDB - SM integration Op eningunplanned change due to unsorted arrays

We have a integration of SM 7.11 and UCMDB 8.0 running and scheduled delta sync every night.
There are a number of Managed fields which are set to open an Unplanned Change in case changes are found.

This system seems to work as expected, however today we found the following change.
For the field addlIPAddress
Old Value:
{"", "", "", "", ""}
New Value:
{"", "", "", "", ""}

If you look closely you will notice that there actually is no change only that the entries are in different order. We have reviewed the opened Unplanned changes and found there are several more examples of this
The CIs in question was created using the UCMDB integration and all attributes were synced using the UCMDB. There have been no manually changes only updates by the UCMDB. We had SM - UCMDB running for about a week with unplanned change turned off.
I know that the UCMDB always sends arrays sorted by smallest to largest, and the new value is sorted correctly. The order of the Old Value must have gotten mixed up when the initial load was processed. What is confusing is that it only seems to happen for IPs. Subnet and Mac which are also monitored the same way are not affected by this problem. Is there anything special about addlIPAddress that could explain this?

Has anybody encountered a similar problem or has suggestions what we can do to solve it? Our system is opening dozens of unneeded unplanned changes due to this. However the actual problem CIs are still far outnumbered by the CIs which have no problem (several 1000s).

Thank you in advance for any help!