End of committed support and End of extended support

We are currently using Service Manager 9.5 for ticketing purposes. I would like to know more information how much it would cost for during end of extended support if we needed support?  We are currently on 9.5 is it preferred we upgrade to 9.6 to avoid obsolescence. Also how do we get support from self help is it just a self serve portal??  

  • Hi,

    What do you mean by extended support.  Do you mean version 9.5 would not be supported by MF or do you mean you want to renew your existing support.

    Please explain more along with your country

  • Micro Focus Software Product


    End of Support notification

    End of Committed Support

    End of Extended support

    End of Self-Help Support (with Rights to New Versions RTNV)

    Time Based (TB) or Version Based (VB)

    Service Manager 9.5x

    Oct 26, 2016

    Nov 01, 2016

    Nov 30, 2020

    Nov 30, 2022

    Nov 30, 2026



    9.5x committed support ends on 30 Nov 2020. You have about 1 year to prepare your upgrade to 9.6x. Upgrade is the only way to avoid obsolescence. You do not need to pay to upgrade to next version licenses if it's the same for the same, unless there's some major changes. If you need help with upgrade, there's always Micro Focus partners and the Micro Focus Professional Services available to assist for a cost.

    During extended support, you can still get help from engineers but no access to R&D for fixes or patches.The cost to get access to R&D during extended support can varies. You will need to contact your Sales Representative who will negotiate with R&D to get a short term support agreement. This short term support agreement is to help customers who need longer time to upgrade or for other reasons and still need access to R&D.

    End of self help means removal of existing patches , hotfixes, documentation, KM and online help to SM 9.5x to allow room for newer versions.

    I hope this answer your questions.

    NOTE: This is based on my personal knowledge as I understand it and may not be 100% up to date. Do check with your Sales Representative for the latest information.