Recalculating SLO after reassignment

Hi, experts. We have some problem with recalculating slo. There are two SLOs with their SLT (SLT1 for SLO1 and SLT2 for SLO2). For example SLO1 and SLO2, SLO1 works for groups that name starts with "L1", SLO2 works for groups that name starts with "L2". So SLT works but there are some problems: we create incident and assign it to group which name starts with "L1", then SLT starts work fine, but when we reassign this incident to group which starts with "L2", SLT1 stoped and SLT2 starts, but it unactive. Then if i change value of field priority.code or affected.item STL become active and end time calculates correctly. We want that SLT recalculates without changing values of fields priority.code or affected.item. Any ideas?

  • Till 9.40, this is not possible. However as a workaround, you can create different SLOs based on the assignment group conditions. So if the assignment group is changed, a new SLO with similar configuration starts.

    In 9.41, there is an enhancement implemented : QCCR1E59064

    OLA/UC now supports group based calculation as follows:
    1. The system logs each assignment change, for example, "IM10001, assigned from A to B at what time".
    2. This historical data is used when the OLA/UC status and expiration time is calculated.
    3. There is a separately place for module records to show the OLA/UC expiration information.
    4. All the sloreponses records that are calculated are stored in a new table for analytical needs.
    5. Calculation of OLA/UC on assignment groups supports different algorithm, such as "current group" or "all groups".