Add Supplier in Service Manager Service Portal

Hi, guys, i deployed Service Manager Service Portal (Renamed Propel). When i try add supplier in field "Backend System Type" dropdown list is empty.
From Service Manager Service Portal Admin Help:

"To add a new supplier:
1. From the Launchpad, click the Suppliers application.
2. In the Suppliers view, click the Add Supplier button.
3. In the Add Supplier dialog, fill in and select the Basic Supplier Properties:
a. Type a descriptive name in the Name field for the new supplier.
b. Select SM as the Backend System Type, and then select Use As Default Support System"
So i have problem in 3.a. because  list of Backend System Type is empty.

  • Hi Alex,

    hope you are doing fine.

    Please check and confirm the following information:

    Add Service Manager as a supplier

    To enable Service Manager Service Portal to connect to Service Manager, you must add Service Manager as a supplier.



    Service Manager Service Portal supports only the SM backend system type and only one Service Manager supplier.


    Suppliers are associated with organizations, and the Organization Administrator manages the supplier systems for his organization.



    If HTTPS is used for communication between Service Manager Service Portal and Service Manager, HTTPS must be configured. See (Optional) Configure SSL for a Service Manager supplier for instructions.


    The Organization Administrator can create new suppliers in Service Manager Service Portal. To add Service Manager as a new supplier, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Service Manager Service Portal as the orgadmin user by opening a browser and specifying the following URL:


      Replace ServicePortal_HOSTNAME with the fully qualified domain name of Service Manager Service Portal.

    2. From the Launchpad in Service Manager Service Portal, click the Suppliers application.
    3. In the Suppliers view, click Add Supplier.
    4. In the Add Supplier dialog, do the following:
      1. In the Display Name field, enter a display name for the new supplier. For example, enter SM9.51.
      2. In the Backend System Type field, select SM.
  • continue >

    Field(s)                                                                            Description

    Endpoint                                                        Base url for SM web services in the form http://<host>:<port>/SM

                                                                          For example:


    With Process Designer                                     Select this option.

    SM Version                                                      This is the SM version number.


                                                                     Since Service Manager Service Portal 9.51 supports only Service Manager 9.51,                                                            you must select 9.51 in this field.


    Locale                                                        Expected in the language tag format like pt or pt-BR. Used for SM catalog     locale and for locale of case exchange-related messages in SM.

                                                                         If left blank, English is used.

    URL escaping charset                                     If the supplier needs REST URL encoded by a charset different from the default value of UTF-8, enter the charset code here (for example "windows-1252").

                                                                         For a Service Manager supplier, leave this field blank.

    Login name

    Password                                                           Enter the login name and password of the Service Manager user account to be used for Service Manager Service Portalto access Service Manager through web services calls.

                                                                                Note This user account must have system administration privileges in Service Manager, and the password cannot be blank. As best practice, create a dedicated user account for this purpose.


    LWSSO domain                                              Enter the domain of the Service Manager Server host.

    LWSSO init string                                           This must be a value that matches the initString value in the lwssofmconfig.xml file located in the Service Manager Server's RUN directory. Additionally, this value must contain both numbers and letters and must be 32 characters in length.


    Host name

    Port                                                                     These are the protocol (http or https), host name, and port of your proxy server, respectively.

                                                                                    If you are not using a proxy server, leave these fields blank.

  • continue>

    1. Click Create in the Add Supplier dialog to finish and save your changes. The new supplier and its properties are displayed.
    2. Configure LW-SSO in the Service Manager Server and Service Manager Service Portal.

      OpenConfigure LW-SSO in the Service Manager server
      1. Go to the <Service Manager server installation path>/RUN folder, and open lwssofmconf.xml in a text editor.
      2. Make sure that the enableLWSSOFramework attribute is set to true (default).
      3. Change the domain value to the domain name of your Service Manager server host.

      4. Set the initString value. This value MUST be the same with the LW-SSO value that you specified during the installation of Service Manager Service Portal. For details, see the "Configure LW-SSO" step in Install a single instance of Service Manager Service Portal.

      5. Restart the Service Manager Server.
      OpenSet up Service Manager Service Portal to use LW-SSO

      You should have already done so during the installation of Service Manager Service Portal. For details, see the "Configure LW-SSO" step in Install a single instance of Service Manager Service Portal.

      No additional steps are required. If you want to verify the LW-SSO settings, you can check the following files:

      • /opt/hp/propel/sx/WEB-INF/classes/config/lwssofmconf.xml
      • /opt/hp/propel/idm-service/WEB-INF/classes/config/lwssofmconf.xml
    3. Validate connectivity between Service Manager Service Portal and Service Manager. To do this, run the Service Manager Service Portal Diagnostics application to verify Service Manager is configured and connected correctly. To do this, follow these steps:

      1. Log in to Service Manager Service Portal as the admin user (https://<Service Portal host name>:9000/org/Provider).
      2. Click the Diagnostics application. Refer to the Diagnostics help for details.
      3. In Diagnostics, click Configuration Check in the Supplier Detail view for an HPE Service Manager instance.



    Next, you need to configure shopping, ticketing, Knowledge Management (KM), and hot news so that users can order catalog items, submit support requests, perform KM searches, and so on. For details, see Configure shopping, ticketing, Knowledge Management, and hot news.


  • Hi Alex,

    If you access SMSP using english as default language in your browser, does it also happen?

    I think the problem you have is related to Russian localization of SMSP.

    Can you please check?


  • Thank for reply, i doing all by this guide, but i have problem there:

    4. In the Add Supplier dialog, do the following:
         1. In the Display Name field, enter a display name for the new supplier. For example, enter SM9.51.
         2. In the Backend System Type field, select SM.

    I can't select SM in Backend System Type field, because this list is empty

  • Hi, unforchantly it's same in English too. Screenshot in attach.