SD status still closed while IM repopned

Hi Expets , can you please help me on the senario if  any closed IM reopened and the status of IM will change into work in progress from closed while the SD status will remain to Closed only . In that case user is not able to figure out whether his SD reopening request is in entertained or not ,So Whenever the status of IM changed in work in progress the SD status should be changed simultaneously as user can see SD status only . 

Please share your valuvle inputs or way to fix the issue.

  • There are several ways in which you could accomplish this. The simplest would be a little JS which you can put in the Final Javascript tab of the Process which gets called when the Reopen button is clicked (im.reopen, possibly):

    var sd = new SCFile("incidents");
    var sdRc = sd.doSelect("\""   system.vars.$L_file.incident_id   "\"");
    if (sdRc == RC_SUCCESS) { = "Work In Progress"; //Or, whatever status you wish the SD to have.
        var sdSaveRc = sd.doUpdate();

    If you put it in the Process, it will always run whenever the im.reopen process is called.

    You could put it in the Reopen displayoption, too, but I wouldn't do that because I'd rather have the RAD be run in the Process before updating the SD.

    You could put this in a formatctrl or in a trigger, also. If you put it in either of those, though, you would need to enclose it in an if statement which checks to see that it was reopened, though.

    Caveat: I don't know what version of SM you're using. If your IM module is on PD, you probably want to create a Rule Set to perform this action.

  • If you are going to reopen a SD from Closed, you might also need to change the "open" field from false to true, and you may want to consider whether to blank out the close date field, which is probably populated from the first time it was closed.