Issue with SLA

Hi Experts,

We are using response SLA (3 Hours) for SD module only configuration attached. Issue

we are facing after creating any SD we have to closed it or escalate to IM within 3 business hours. We have few SD SLA showing breached despite SD open on 09:09:10 AM and its escalated to IM on 09:10:20 AM. (within 01:10 Seconds)

Please help me to resolve the issue.

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  • You can measure the the SLO for time to escalated and--if the record is closed without being escalated--have that  be achieved at closure. Essentially, you'd be tracking when the Service Desk reviewed/processed the interaction.

    In the SLA configuration record for the incidents table, there is a table which shows the state progression used for service level objectives (process targets in 9.41). Note that the critical word is "progression". If you open at the first listed state, then update the record to the close state, all intermediate states are automatically considered achieved.

    For example, if the state progression is:

    Open  >  Open-Idle  >  Open-Linked  >  Open-Callback  >  Closed

    If your SLO beginning and ending states are Open to Open-Linked, they will evaluate this way:

    • If a ticket is opened in the background and enters Open-Idle status, the clock will be running. 
    • If the user escalates the interaction, the status will be updated to Open-Linked, meeting the end-state of the SLO.
    • If the user closes the interaction without escalation, the status is updated to Closed. At this point, because "Closed" is after "Open-Linked" in the state progression, any SLOs dependent on the Open-Linked state will also be completed.