Accidentally deleted Todo dbdict

We were trying to make some changes in the Todo table, then we accidentally deleted the Todo dbdict. 

After deletion of the Todo table we were unable to login into the HP Service Manager.

It was showing the following error : 1) SOAP Fault occured : Session no longer valid.

                                                                       2) SOAP fault occurred: A CXmlApiException was raised in native code:                                                                                      error5 scxmlapi(5) - Invalid thread number.

Please help us with the issue.


Thanks & Regards


  • Hi Muskan,

    Solution is already discussed in on one of the Community Threads,


    Meanwhile please download the ToDo unload from a test Or UAT system & load in to the system where the ToDo Dbdict has been accidentally removed by command:

    sm file.load filename.unl NULL NULL unix

    Let us know here your feedback.



  • How to download the ToDo unload?
    Please help us.
  • Creating an unload is a basic SM admin knowledge. It is also a quick way to do a table/file backup. For example, create a ToDo unload before you start deleting or changing ToDo table/file. If you run into problems you can load the data back into the db via the unload you created previously. In your case, you need to unload ToDo from another working environment.

    You should really speak to your manager about investing in you for some SM training, otherwise, you may face more issues in the future. You can learn from the online help and this technical community, as there are a lot of helpful people here but SM is one of those products where you really need basic training before you can administer it. A bit like a powerful car which needs driving lesson before driving it.

    Have a look at , you can get to the unload command via the Database Manager options. If you cannot figure out how to get to the options, that is a concern.