User Front end Requests in SRC


I am working on a requirement, where we need to create a portal/Front end page in HP SRC 9.30. Users should be able to create a change Ticket, Incident Ticket, Search the tickets from SRC Portal.

Can anyone help me out how to proceed, in order to accomplish the task.

We are using SM 9.30. 

  • Can anyone help me out Please. It is a urgent requirement. I havent worked much on SRC. I am not able to figure it out.

    I use SRC 1.40

  • Verified Answer

    It is not possible for ESS or SRC users to directly create either change or incident records and configuring the capability would violate the license terms for self service unlimited access. The only supported method for a self service/SRC user to initiate a change or open an incident (as opposed to an interaction) is to define catalog items which then create the related change or incident via their catalog connector. 

    Note also that SRC users cannot directly search for incident or change records, and the self service license does not allow them to edit any record other than an interaction where they are the service recipient or primary contact. If the user needs to work directly with incidents or changes, they should be using the client.

  • HI,

    Thanks so much for the reply. It was really helpfull.