Auto assignment of tickets in SM Tool


We are using HP Service Manager (SM) 9.21 version in our environment and it is integrated with HP Operations manager (OM) tool.

We have a new requirement in our environment. The tickets generated from OM tool needs to be auto assigned to concerned team (Eg. Windows or tools or network team) based on the affected CI (Logical name) and descriptoin of the ticket.

Eg : BLRPSM9WB001  it should go to windows team

If description is Disk space for the same affected CI it should go to tools team and also reassignment should work in all the cases.

Can anyone help me with a script to implement the requirement.

  • Well, we won't write it for you, but we can give you some advice on how to accomplish it.

    The one significant recommendation I'd make is change your trigger of auto-assign from CI Description to CI your category stack. If you use description, then you have to search through the contents of an array for a specific string value.  It can be done, but it's not optimal performance.  If you have a specific category stack (Category, Area, SubArea) that the Disk Space tickets should go to, that makes it easier on the system for generating the auto assign.

    Then, are you storing the default assignment group for the CI as a value in the CI record on the device table (like, is the 'assignment' value in the CI record the team that would get the ticket?) Is there something in the CI record that indicates that CI000001 would go to the Windows support team, and CI0000002 would go to your network support team?  How are you triggering that selection?  If it's not an explicit value in the CI record, are you making the judgement by the CI type or subtype, or some other attribute (OS Description, or something like that?)  Is there a map somewhere in your system that links the CIs to the team(s) that support them?

    If so, then all you need is a formatctrl query to look at the CI record, and a formatctrl calculation to check the operator() opening the ticket (if it's the operator you're using to integrate from OM), the specified category stack (or description, if you have to do it that way), and then either use the assignment group from the CI or the group based on category.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We are not storing the assignment values in device table.

    Right now, whatever the tickets coming from OM tool will automatically go to L1 support team. They will manually reassign the ticket to particular team based on the affected CI and Description.

    Using OPerator Id we tried the same as you mentioned below in format control calculations.

    Incidents coming from OM tools works fine, but we faced the problem while escalating interactions as incident.

    Kindly suggest.

  • Sorry, not quite clear on your issue.  

    You state you're not storing the assignment gorup anywhere in the tool, but you want the tool to be able to automatically escalate the ticket to the correct assignment group... If the system is unaware of how to link an issue to a group (or a CI to a group) that makes it challenging to automate.

    Then you state 'Incidents coming from OM tools works fine, but we faced the problem while escalating interactions as incident,' but you don't provide any additional details.  It's hard to assist if I don't understand your problem.

    But, first I'd ask - do these need to be Interactions?  If there's no customer - if these tickets are being generated by an automated system - then there's no impacted _person_ calling in to the helpdesk and raising an Interaction that needs to be escalated to an Incident.  If there's no _person_, then why create Interactions at all?