Migration from ocmq to request

Hi Guys,

I'd like to hear from those with experience on migratin from old request module (ocmq) to new one (request). I'm interested in identify pitfals, risks, do/don'ts, etc.

I'm working in an upgrade with a customer with several Request Categories (100 ) all of them very tailored and custom/specific phases and some of them with dependencies/integrations with third-party tools.

The first option would be full conversation, to that I was thinking that I would be able to categorize all these request categories in few flows (up to 10) and work on individual diferences on RuleSets, but after dig a bit and get a better view I have the impression that this may lead to performance problems since I'd need to have several RuleSets on the flow that would be executed only or specific requests and also I realized after deep investigation that around few of them are really unique... which means no way to escape from a dedicated Workflow for around 10% o the cases....

Then the second alternative is keep it as it's since it also works in parallel but then I was wondering how would we migrate it gradually. Having both running at same time does not seems a good thing and may lead to confusion among the technical teams, mainly when/if we start to use the new module....

Share your toughts and experiences :)

  • Hello Breno

    Thanks for contacting us.

    For this matter, the short answer will be that both of your options work, you can do the upgrade or have them parallel.

    There is a lot going on, base on the description, we assume that you have ocmq with process designer. if this is the case, the upgrade won't be that difficult, I believe that there is a wizard that lets you do it. If what you are concern for is the performance of the system after the upgrades due to the number of rulesets that you have, that depends very much on what the ruleset does, if its pure validation, I don't think that you to worry about it, but if what you have is a javascript that modifies or updates a lot of records, that will cause some issues. I believe that there is even a wizard that will help you out on the process

    For parallel, its ok to have them, but you will eventually have to do the upgrade, you can use the time that you have both of them to get used to how the new module works.

    One recommendation as well is to open a support ticket and ask for an upgrade assessment, they can help you check what will be the best way to do this.

    let us know if this helps.


  • Hi Luis,
    Thx for your reply. Unfortunately the PD is not in place in this environment.
    I know the possibilities I'd like in fact to hear about practical experience :)