CI Relationship Graphs:

I apologize if this question is in the wrong area, but I believe this is correct.

I have created some CI relationships in Service Manager to capture up- and down-stream CI's.  This is my model..

Service (application name) Consists of...

Environments (prod, dev), and each environment Consists Of... CI's

It looks like this for one example...

Access Management System, COnsists of...

Access Management-Prod, Access Management-Dev, Access Management-Test, etc.

Access Management-Prod, consists of...  Database Servers, AUthentication Servers, etc.

Then, within Database Servers for example, I related the db servers as downstream CI's to capture each function and the associated servers.   Make sense?

NOw, for my problem..  When I first built this model I could select the Access Management service Relationship Graph I see the System, then the environments beneath it. When I select one of the environments (Access..-Prod) I would see the sub-CI's of Database Servers, Authentication Servers.  TERRIFIC.

The first time I selected the Database Servers CI, and chose Expand CI the servers under it popped up. But, now I cannot undo that selection, so anytime I go into the Access Management CI, and choose Access-Prod, it ONLY shows me the servers under the Database Servers downstream CI. 

How do I get the view to go back to first showing the Upstream CI, then the Enviornment CI's, then the sub-groups under the Prod CI?

I can provide pictures and will try to do so as attachments or embedding here....if you look in the Relationships2 gif, there is actually a level below Access-Prod and the servers but it doesn't show up now....