Operator unload

Hi Team,


We are on 9.40 SM Version and we have an old system with 9.20 version. We didnt have AD integration in old system or the new system. We need to import the operator records from old system and load the same in new system. I checked the "operator" table db Structure and it seems to be different in both versions, so i believe Unload from the old system wont work in new system. 

if any1 has faced similar issues then please help.

Thanks in advance.

  • Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple ways in which you could accomplish this. You could export all the field values you want to keep from your old system to a .csv file, and then create an import descriptor in the new system to use in the Text Import Wizard, mapping the .csv columns to fields in the new system. You could have your old system execute webservice calls to the new system, pushing old field values into whichever new fields you specify.

    Note: You'll probably want to move your contacts table data over, also - in case you hadn't thought of that yet. ;)

  • It is different, but it shouldn't be _that_ different.  Try a small count of records.  Create an unload in your 9.2x system.  When you export, make sure that the default value (Use existing dbdict) is set, so that your unload won't try to modify the dbdict in your 9.4

    Then you should be able to import those old records into your new system.