OMi & HP SM Integration

Hi Team,


We are on 9.40 Version of SM and 10.10 OMi. We have integrated both, auto logging of tickets are working fine.

But when we close the event manually or if the event gets auto closed then the respective ticket in HP SM is not getting closed. We have enabled "Close Incident Automatically" option in the Incident Management Environment.

For testing purpose we also changed the "Calc Expression" for the OMI Auto-Close Alert definition to 00:01:00, but the ticket doesn't get closed after 1 minute. 

Can some1 guide how to go ahead and resolve this issue.,



  • Did you already discover where is the problem? 

    I think the first step is discover

    if OMi is sending the close and HPSM is not closing 


    if OMi is not sending the close at all. 

    The way to discover this is: check the logs. If you need further help just post the logs here.