AutoFill Issue

Hi Team,


We have "Service" Field which is a Auto Fill field (m not sure its called Auto Fill), it has a link which fills in the Assignment group depending on the service selected.  Even if we write proper Service name it doesn't fill the assignment group automatically, it fills only when the FILL Button on the Service Field is clicked manually.

Can some1 tell me if this is the OTB functionality. Is there any way wherein if the Service name matches with the available service name, then it should auto fill the Assignment group field.

Thanks in advance

  • The fill-button triggers the fill process. You can automate this in two ways (at least), but you will need to consider performance impact and user-experience. These approaches are "high level" and not recently tested. They will require a good understanding of Service Manager, and thorough testing. 

    First Way: Fill on Save

    If you add a fill action to the formatctrl, you can have the assignment group filled automatically on saving the ticket. You will have to combine a few things for a smooth experience.

    a. Extract the Service via "Queries" and use "Validations" to check to see if it has an Assignment Group. If not, check to see if an Assignment Group has been entered (optionally: check validity of this AG).

    b. Define a Subroutine that will execute "fill.fc" against the Service field. This is the equivalent of clicking the "fill" button.


    Second Way: Autofill every time the "Service" field is touched

    Define a new Display Event (on "FocusOut") and associate it to the correct Display Screen. This will allow you to evaluate the state of the current record, and if the  current field is the Service field, trigger a "fill" action (top right).