Approval Pending after Level 1 Approver Denial.

Hi Team,

We are facing an issue(M not sure if its an issue or OTB functionality which support has been saying).

Issue description:

When we raise a SR ticket there are set of approvals required depending upon the category. When the Level 1 Approver denies the request, the status of the ticket is set to Denied, BUT it goes ahead to the next level i.e. Level 2 Approver (in PENDING state). 

What Support says:

1. This is OTB Functionality.

2. Even if it goes to the Level2 Approver and even if he/she Approves/Denies the request it won't change the status of the ticket. It will be in denied state, since it is denied by the Level 1 Approver.

What is Required in our Environment:

When Level 1 Approver denies the ticket, then it shouldn't go to any other Levels for Approval.

Please let me know if you guys have faced such issue and if you have made some customizations so as to change the OTB functionality.


Pushpith J