Category issue

Hi Team,


We have 2 language in our env.  English and arabic. We have Top catg -->1stlevelcat-->2ndLevelCat-->Citem 

I had added a new 1stLevelCat and within that multiple 2ndlevelcat in English Lang. One of the 2ndlevelCat required to be added in Arabic as well. I searched the same record in Localized Catalog Item and added the Arabic description and saved. This I supposed replaced the existing English Category, So I re-did the step and Changed Arabic Catg to English but it dint help. So now when I see the 1stlevelCatg, I can see the above added 2ndlevelCatg, but when I try to doubleclick and open it, it throws this error:

"Cannot find related information in joinsvcDisplay using query: name=cursor.field.contents()"

When I try to Add/Edit Approval Item it throws below error:

"No approval definition defined, please select an approval definition first."

Can some1 please help me with this. Its Urgent!