Move COnfiguration data from 9.21 to 9..40

Hi team,


We have done a fresh installation of 9.40 version of SM and we have old 9.21 version with customizations.

Since I'm new to SM , I have few queries as below:

1. What are the list of customizations that needs to be moved ( like notifications, alerts, ruleset etc)

2. How can we move/copy the customized configuration data from 9.20 to 9.41

3. On an avg how much time would it take to analyse the old system and make the required changes in the new system.

4. I believe in 9.21 validations, calculations were done with the help of FormatControl, which in the latest version is done thru ProcessDesigner, so how do we move these customizations.


Kindly help at the earliest.