New Interaction Category


I have created a new interaction category 'MAC' in HP SM 9.20 system. Created new open and update interaction formats for this category

The incident record is getting created under this category through a background process. (via wizard) .

I have an incident profile , where the category open and update formats is set to & SD.update.interaction. 

Once an incident is created under the MAC category, when I open it always open up under SD.update.interaction.

Is it possible to open up the MAC category incidents under SD.update.mac.g format ?

Please guide.



  • I'm not too clear on which ticket type you're asking about - you're using SD.* forms for your IM tickets?

    But, regardless of your ticket type, I'd probably change it in the displayscreen. Whichever display screen is getting called when your MAC Incidents are being viewed/updated/closed/etc., you can put something like this in the Initialization Expressions (without the [ ] brackets): [ if (category in $L.file="MAC") then ($L.format="SD.update.mac.g") ] - that should do the trick.

    That's assuming you're not using Process Designer. If you are using PD, then you can simply specify the form in the phases of the PD workflow for your MAC category.

    Edited for clarity.