how to fill an array field in link file


I have created a custom array field in device table ( which I want to find and fill values from dept table ( when field is blank or to validate department name in case I have typed a value in array.

I have not been able to set the link file correctly and when I click the fill or find button I get the whole list of Departments.

I would like to fill values for every row of the array.



  • Hi,

    Maybe attach a screen capture of the link line you added to the device link.

    Without having seen that, I would suggest perhaps getting an idea of how to configure your link line by looking at the existing link line for owner, and just change your query to only have a line related to your new field.



  • Attached a screenshot of my device link file.

    I haven't use an array field to search from in link.

    I have done the opposite, to fetch value from a text field to an array field.

    I need to search and fill values from dept table for every instance of the array. Not only for the first row.


    thank you for your response

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure I'm understanding your requirement.  Usually a Fill is running against whatever field/row your cursor is in.  Are you saying that multiple rows/elements of your array are already populated with names and that you want to bring in other field values from the dept records of each of your array elements?


  • Exactly that.

    I have already populated multiple rows/elements of the array with department names which I have done by import.

    But the problem is if I want to bring in a new row/element another department name from the dept records  want to validate the value I am typing against department name, which I can do only via link.

    Basically what I am trying to do is a link file which will fill values  for every field/row my cursor is in.

    If there are values in the array and I wish to fill a value in the  "X" row of the arry, this should be done via link (example attached)

    But I don't know how to write that query in the link. How to query dept table  with the value of the specific row my cursor is in.

  • Hi,

    The print screen you attached is contrary to what I thought you wanted to do.  It looks like you simply want to bring the from the dept file into the row you have your cursor in.  If that is the case, I don't see why the link line you attached a print screen of wouldn't work.  You have not shown the whole link line screen though, so can you tell me if you have filled in the Source and Target Fields below with Source: and Target: