sir i had added one field in form by FD ie Status with combo box and provide two option in display list 1.OPS 2.Nops then after i had made same field by FD in SD.update.interaction and added one column in incident table that column name is Status and given the input to SD.update.interaction form to incident table status column .now if any ess user raise the sd and fill that status column Status with any choice after summiting the new interaction the field is automatically comes in SD.update.interaction .but now my problem is while escalating same SD number to incident the same field column come blank ,i had made that field Status in IM.update.incident form also and added one column status in probsummary table also and given the input to that form also ,but still no data is coming from SD.update.interaction form to IM.update.incident which i had added.i read some where that i have to link both the form table column but i am unable to do it so kindly suggest me the solution i hope you understand my problem now