How to add a text or logo inside web client SM 9.34

Hi Experts,

How can i change the hp image or add a text once I've logon into the web client

Attached is the screenshot in which i need to add a text inside the web client.

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  • Greetings.

    I think you only need to change the value of the caption in the form designer, please try it and if that doesn't work, please send a screenshot of the form.


  • Jhonny ,  thanks for your answer.

    I've attached a screenshot.  What I need to custom is the "Masthead" area.

    The post I've been reading is this one :

    ...but it's not clear (for me) or perhaps it doesn't apply to SM 9.34 version -the one I work with-

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  • Hi Norita,

    Yes you can change the banner image.

    1. Create a banner (let say of dimension :1366x40) or you can use the same HP banner adjust the dimesions. file name :header_bg.png

    2. Create a folder say "branding" in directory : <webtier install directory>/<webitername>/images/branding & place the banner you created in Step 1.

    3. Now edit the following files for accommodating the size of the banner created:

    3.1 Navigate to file called : webtier.less placed in (<webtier install directory>/<webitername>/less)

    .masthead-logo {
    margin: 4px 15px 4px 15px;
    height: 78px;  
    width: 90px;
    cursor: pointer;
    font-size: 20pt;

    3.2 Navigate to (<webtier install directory>/<webitername>/cwc/fw ) & modify the following file:


    <table id="cwc_Masthead" class="masthead-cnt" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" background="./images/branding/header_bg.png">
    <tr style="height:80px">
    <td style="width:295px">

    try the above & let us know!!

    Sample has been attached inline below:



  • In the webclient path "../WEB-INF/classes/com/hp/ov/cwc/web" there are some file located l whioch need to be updated.

    i.e. for german language we updated 4 files (,,, app_labels_de.utf8) Insinde of these files we updated the values for the parameter "App.Name=" and "App.Title=" in our case to the value "App.Title=HP-SM DEV (V0815)"

    After modifying the values you need to restart the web application server.