Cannot evaluate expression (display,

Hi experts,   I'm working with SM 9.34 and the message Cannot evaluate expression (display, is shown random  and i can't reproduce it

I've found this entry in the Forum :

where it says the solution is :

I solved this problem by eliminating all menu entrylines with the condition "name in $$lo.home" out of the user-menus...

Ps.: *afind.string with String="name in $$lo.home" and File="menu" might help you to locate these entries if you wanna give it a try => I backupped the old entries by Adding the Prefix-BACKUP ...

Please If somebody can confirm me that is the solution....Thanks in advance

  • hello Norita,

    hope you are doing fine.

    according to your question, it seems that this message is ramdon but we cannot confirm if the steps will work on your environment if we don't know exactly what is the cause of the issue. I am not able to test them right now since I don't have the behaviour.

    One question, is the issue hppening on your test environment?

    If yes, my suggestion is to test the steps on that environment, if works, you should go to PROD (if there is the issue). On the other hand, I am sure that they work since it was already confirmed by users.

  • Thanks Carlos, the issue happens in the PRD environment but intermittently

    I'm adding a screenshot to see whats happens

    Best regards,

  • hello Norita,

    thanks for the screenshot.

    I have some questions about it:

    -has there been any modification in SM?
    -have you installed a fix or a patch?
    -has there been any environmental change (at OS level or even at hardware level)

    -does the problem appear on both the windows client and the web client?
    -does it happen more frequently at a certain time of the day? or with a certain amount of users logged in?
    -is there a sequence of action that leads to the problem occurrence more frequently than any other action?

  • Hello Norita,

    please check your sm.log file for the message. There should be some more information about the issue. Copy all the lines around that and paste it here for analysis.

    Does the problem occur every time when you "escalate" an interaction with that values?

    Best regards,