How to allow a secRole to always add attachments?

Hi, I need to allow  ChmAdmin  to always add attachments

For example, when a CH is in ECAB Approval, the ChmAdmin wants to add an attachment but the "add attachment" button is not visible ¿How can I show it for the ChmAdmin?

I'm working with SM 9.34 with Process Designer

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Norita,

    hope you are doing fine.

    what you can try is search the name of the button and in the format control look for it, then there should be a condition for visibility, set it as true.

  • Hi Carlos,

    hope your're doing fine.

    I've found a RuleSet "chm.set.variableupdate" that evaluates the $G.user.role variable

    I had to add a condition  :  $G.user.role = "system administrator" OR $G.user.role = "change manager"

    then it  :  system.vars.$L_tableAccess_update=true;

    I must assign the operator de userrole  change manager because it seems to be related to the $G.user.role variable, instead of the GESTOR_CAMBIOS (userrole that I've created using the change manager userrole OOB)

    Well, it's a workaround for me.  Please if you have comments.  I'm working with SM 9.34.2003 with 9.34.0032-Process Designer Content Pack 4

    Best Regards,