SOAP Fault Error : Mex Session Exceeded : User session still alive in DB

Dear All , 

Please help our HP SM 9.41 application is not accepting any more session because , Application end 350 sessions showing but when we are checking DB its more than 500 sessions .


Please help us to resolve session sync issue between App and DB .

  • The Max Session Exceeded error would be caused by a configuration limit in SM.   In the sm.ini file the number of sessions that can be handeled by a single servlet is controlled by the 'threadsperprocess' setting.  If you have it set to 50 and you have 7 servlets you would be limited to 350 sessions.

    The DB connection issue would be a different problem.  Note the number of SM sessions will not equal the number of DB sessions.  All of the background procesess have DB connections and each servlet has 2 DB connections.  So this may or may not be a problem based on your configuration.

    For an issue like this I would recommend a support case if the above does not give you enough information to determine root cause.

    Steve Hirschfeld

  • Hello,


    1- stop all SM services

    2- Open the command prompt in administration mode and Run the following command under <SM Installation Directory>\Server\RUN

    sm -unlockdatabase

    3- Start SM again