What is needed for web services to submit service requests.

While developing a home-grown self service catalog, I determined what is needed to pull the categories, items, and user options from the service catalog. Our web developer is working on parsing the information for submission, but this raises other questions.

Does anyone know what WSDL and method(s) should be used for submission? I found that the svcCart, svcCartItem tables need to get updated and don’t if others need to be updated or know how SM determines what is created (interaction/request) from the submission. When a record is submitted using web services to the Cart or CartItem table, do triggers take place from there that create the necessary records in the other tables? I am trying to understand whether or not SM will do what is needed from the webservice record or will custom coding need to be added. 

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    I believe you can clear your doubts checking the webservices best practice guide taking in mind your current version, it is very helpful and you can downloaded from SSO portal.

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    As the friend suggested you'll find all information you need in the manual. 

    I can tell you in advance that you don't need extra coding in HPSM, the default works just fine. You will use three methods, one to create the cart, other to add the item you want (you can add as many items as you wish) and the third one to submit the cart. All records are created automatically, the function is the same as if you were using the web interface.

  • Has anybody tried this with the REST API Services.  (Submitting as if through the Service Portal (SAW/PROPEL) If so, could you point me at some of the documentation?

    I also assume, that the correct way to do this is to create this through the API available for SM (9.60) and that the Portal itself does not provide it's own APIs which should be used to do this?