How to adjust visibility of catalogs for different group of users.

We would like to have separate catalog structure. one for end user/customer one for the IT and I would like to show only related catalogs to the end user/customer and IT. how can we achieve this.

We have sm 9.41 installation on our enviroment.


  • Hi,

    Have you tried basing the catalogs off of the Access tab and the available to field? 


    Jason W.

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    Hi buddy,

    First of all you need to create a capability words using DB> Capabilities(Table Name) > add the respected keyword you want to use as Capability word.

    and then go to the specific operator record and go to Startup tab and select the Execute Capabilities, there you have to add that specific capability word which you made earlier. then save the operator record.

    last of all, go to manage catalog and select that specific catagory which you want to give the visibility for the group, go to Access tab, and select the specific capability word to the Available to field. then the category details.


    Now login with that specific operator in your end user portal and you can find that category, but for others operator which you have not put that Executive Capability word, you cant see that specific category.



  • Hi, thanks for the detailed explanation.

    One more question about this. If I understand correctly we need to do this for each person available in IT. is there another way to do this for a whole departman?. Lets say: I have a catalog category called "technical catalog" and I want to make it available only for the person who belongs to the IT Departmant. Department information comes from the AD(LDAP). it is correct and accurate. is there a way to use it for this operation?


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  • u also can do it using mass update in your operator table.  

    First, select those particular daepartmet's operator, and then click on mass update and set the Executive capabilites word for those user only.