How to add Approver names to the pending Approval Dashboard report


I would like to have a report at Dashboard for the SD tickets which are pending at approval and with the names of pending at who. This report should show the all the SD tickets waiting at approval phase and waiting at who. This can be list like

People 1  6 ticket 

People 2 9 ticket

and when i click the 6 or 9 it should show the related tickets.

There is a OOTB report "Awaiting Approvals" report available but when i check preview it does not produce any result which I already now that 99 ticket waiting at approval stage.

How may I configure a report to show this necessary information for us?

  • Hello Onuralp,

    hope you are doing fine.

    One question, did you try to create this report? did you follow specific steps?

    I can share with you the steps to create a report and dashboard, but set the information you requested is up to you, in case doesn't work you should open a case with SM team support.

  • Hello Onuralp,

    I've been testing a looking for options with SM 9.40 Reports and I cannot get to figure out a way to display a list of pending operator from Approval table that shows the details of the interactions pending to be approved. I think probably this kind of report that requries to group against one table but display data from the related one doesn't seems to be an option for now.