Service Manager Reports - How to exlcude certain catalog items from "all open incidents" report


We have a custom designed workflow used for certain requests which started with SDXXXXX and realated with CXXXXX records. On the dashboard these SD's records count as normal users interactions.

I would like to remove/exclude requests comes from certain Catalog Items on dashboard report.

I was trying something like this;

(open~="Closed") and $L.file.displayName ~="Yazılım Değişiklik Talebi"

but its not working. Yazılım Değişiklik Talebi = is the Catalog item which we dont want to see in the all open incidents statistics.

Any help appreciated.

  • Hello Onuralp.

    hope you are doing well.


    According to your description, I couldn't see any issue in the condition you shared, are you sure the problem is on the condition?

    I will see if I can find a different way to accomplish this, meanwhile, is there any extra detail we should know about the customization you can provide?

  • Do I understand correctly that you are trying to create a search condition that refers to variable? Where is the variable $L.file.displayName populated?

  • Hello,

    We've create a catalog item which triggering special change ticket(different workflow, different conditions etc.). its coming from end user of our company and when its approved its creating CXXXXX record.

    But then we realized that SDXXXXX records stays open for unacceptable time because it had some kind of development stage. meanwhile, the dashboard grows and grows and it can be understand that Help Desk is not working if you dont know the background information about the situation. So I'm trying to remove statistical numbers comes from certain catalog item called "Yazılım Değişiklik Talebi" numbers count on the default help desk dashbord from "all open incidents" report. 

    There is no customizatio on report or dashboard. Some customization available on catalog request item but mainly used default versions of it and add some additional fields or something. Change workflow based on OOB(out of box) normal change workflow, modified some stages removed, names changed, additional conditions rules set, but as I said its a modified OOB normal change workflow. 


  • I'm really new on HP SM. 

    What I was did here, I looked to the SD related record and saw there is "catalog items" tab below which is showing that which catalog item used for opening that SD related record. On the client I used ctrl h and saw that and then tryed to see if its working or not. This is my best shot for now. Now I'm thinking that this variable not available on the incidents table or I need to link it to different table somehow, I really dont know just doing "trial and error" . 

  • As i looked into dbdict tables, I coudnt find that cart name populated at incidents table. So my understanding is that I need to create a field at incidents table and get filled by this cart name field. then I can do that filtering?

  • Hi, Onuralp

    There is no link to cart item in OOTB incidents. Attach the screenshot of OOTB.

    As you said, you could not find cart name at incidents table, the system manages the linkage by some tailoring code, like link, join table, etc. Basically you will have to review the tailoring what have done.