SM 9.52 Various login errors


our SM test system is not accessable for us since yesterday. It's reachable via Remote connection, ping, etc. The problem is, that we're not able to login with the 4 accounts we have (3 user accounts, 1 user "falcon").

The logs show various login errors. Each user has another error during the login attempt.

User 1:
This user is a template in the operator file. You cannot login as user User 1.

User 2:
Web-Client: You have been logged out due to session timeout. 

RTE W Sending 401 Not Authorized challenge

User 3, "falcon":

JRTE W Send error response: A CXmlApiException was raised in native code : error 5 : scxmlapi(5) - Invalid thread number

I tried restarting and stopping/ starting the HP SM service on our Windows machine, but after starting it shows a lot of error messages. There is another SM service running on the same machine without problems.

My question is, can we fix that somehow or do we have to reinstall SM?

All logs are attached.

Thank you in advance,