How to add a button, or customize the format menu.gui.ess.SD in ess.

Hello All,


My client want to customize the format menu.gui.ess.SD to add new button in ESS Portal.

I don't know how to customize this.. I know that i can add a Display option in screen but i don't know in which screen.


Have you a solution to me?

Thanks a lot

  • You need to add the button action on the ESSSM menu (if u use the default, check on the operator) and use it's ID as the button ID in the form.
  • Hello 

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    if what you want is buttons in the bar like these ones.image.png

    You are going to be looking for display Screen/option, you can access them by typing "ds" or "do" in the command line of Service Manager.

    if you are looking to add buttons inside the form itself, you will have to type in the command line "fd" to bring out the form designer screen where you can insert the name of the form that you want, after that, just hit the "design" and you are going to be present with the options that you have to add to the form. 

    Note: if you pull the design of the form and it comes all grey, that is most likely a subform, you can click it, and it the properties screen, you will see its name so you can search for it the same way you did with the first one.

    Hope this helps.