How do I capture huge list of "related records"?

Our company uses HP Service Manager.  For certain fields in creating or closing a ticket, the list of options to choose from is huge: thousands of choices.  For the occasional user (myself) who does not repeatedly use the same half-dozen or fewer choices over an over again every day, selecting an option is a daunting proposition.  Just browsing the available options requires paging through 10s of pages.  I would like to copy the full options list off to a text file, where I can search through them at leisure, select my half-dozen or so choices that I will most frequently use in the future, and document that list somewhere for myself so it doesn't take me 30 minutes each time  want to use this application.

I tried using the "Print Page" option on one of those lists, but it prints to a new web page the first 1000 entries, regardless of which page I am displaying.  There are still over 2000 more options that do not print.  How can I capture these?





  • If you're a user without the admin rights I'd say you should contact the local system admins to get the full list from the database. They have a (or should have) knowledge how to export the data out of your system.

    Another possibility is to search your earlier tickets (opened by you, closed by you etc.). You should get a nice list of ticket numbers. Then, add a new column to that list by choosing "Modify columns" and search&add the fields that cause you a headache. After that, you should have a nice list of tickets with the options you have used so far. Maybe exporting the list (to Excel) is now easier, if such a feature is allowed in your system.

    As a sidenote, if I understood your description correctly, there surely is a need to do some changes to make the system more user-fiendly!

  • Yeah, there's some kind of disconnect here.

    When creating or closing a record, there's no OOB function that straight-out gives you a list of thousands of things to choose from - be they related Incidents when creating and escalating an Interaction, selecting a valid assignment group, etc.  So there's some kind of gap between what you're asking about and what the tool does.

    Can you be a little more specific?

    For example, when creating a new Interaction, you have the option to escalate to a new Incident ticket or relating it to an existing Incident ticket.  If you select to relate it to an existing, and you don't enter any filter criteria, the system can do a 'true' search and display for you every IM ticket in your system, but only if you're skipping the step to add some filter criteria.

    What do you mean that you're forced to pick from thousands of records when creating or closing a ticket?  Can you help me understand what's happening? 

  • I think you should ask some HPSM Trainning.....

    If it's not the case, another option is create templates for closure.


    Try to explain your situation to your HPSM Team and I'm sure they will find a quick good solution.