HPSM 9.41 Filter CI by Services or Subscriptions in ess.SD.open form.

Hi all,

This is my case, I have copied the field CI from SD.open.interaction form to ess.SD.open form.

I edited the FC ess.SD.open to call the CI table in Queries. Where can i filter this CI fill button to show only the CIs that the user are owner or are related to the service of the SD or has the user in Subscription?

Thanks in advance.


PD: HPSM 9.41 p3

SO: Windows

  • Verified Answer

    I found the solution, but I do not understand why works.

    In the ess.SD.open form, I edit the input value of field affected.item (Service affected), from $affected.item to affected.item, without the $. Now the logical.name (CI affected) is filtered by affected.item (Service affected)

    Some one could explain me this?

    Thanks in advance.