SMA-SM Service Portal data retrieval issue


When logged in to Service Portal in an SMA-SM environment installed as mixed-mode1 (SM9.60 running on Windows), users are unable to retrieve data from SM even though they are able to display or search catalog  items. While logging to Service Portal after loading bar reaches 100%, an error message "Something went wrong" is displayed but after refreshing page landing page is displayed without Catalog Item categories. It looks like catalog items cached in Service Portal can be displayed when searched but data can be retrieved from SM. However when we check the logs we don't se any issue and the user "smIntgAdmin" successfully authenticated.


Any ideas?

Best Regards,

Alper Ozdemir

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  • I posted another thread in this forum a following note:

    Also another easy mistake is related to testing Service Portal with portal's internal LDAP users. (By then, I had integrated Docker based Service Portal with an external SM installation.)

    Of course, Service Portal let you to sign in with internal LDAP user credentials, but sending a request was impossible, before I added the same users (manually) to external SM installation. If you're familiar with SRC, you might get used to an idea that SM end is checking the credentials, and forget the existence of portal's new IdM service.

    I'm not sure if this applies to your problem, but at least it's worth checking out this possibility.

  • Which user you are using? The Sysadmin user or an LDAP user?

    I would make sure that the LDAP group has been given the consumer role/permisison.

    Check the user that you are using has the REST API and SOAP API capablitiy in SM.