Service Manager 9.5X "Start Inactivity Timer"

Hello experts,

I need your help with Inactive timer feature (System administration/Ongoing maintenance/System/Start Inactivity timer).
We have already configure this feature (30 minutes idle, 2 minutes warning) exclude list of users and it worked.
All users that were initially on the exclude list were not terminated after 30minutes - which is ok.
Problem is when we want to update the Exclude list with new users - it doesn't reflect on them, it only works for users which were on the list from the beginning.
These are the steps we followed:
1. Stop Inact
2. Add new users to the Exclude list
3. Save
4. Start Inact

We can see new users are there in the Exclude list, but still, they receive idle warning and are terminated after 30 minutes - which is not ok.
Does anybody have an idea?

Best regards,